Hendricks, MN


All seminars and training programs teach techniques, but they leave out one of the most important aspects, mindset. We are taking a stand to help cure this!

Mindset is power! A balanced mindset can be one of the most rewarding feelings, and it’s the goal everyone tries to achieve whether you know it or not. We feel our best and accomplish our best work when our mind is in the right state.

The same can be said about our dogs. Unfortunately, due to the lack of education available, dogs tend to suffer mentally. People struggle to really understand their dog and its needs, and this all comes back to mindset. There is a language barrier that inhibits the dog from achieving the mindset he/she needs to be at peace. 

Sonny and George will help you better understand your dog and translate what it’s communicating. Are they frustrated? Fearful? Living with a false sense of responsibility? The list goes on and on.

Understanding your dog is the greatest power in training and putting them in a learning and relaxed mindset will be the greatest reward to them. This understanding will help eliminate the fearful feeling of “I didn’t want to mess them up, so I didn’t do anything.” The confidence gained in Phase I of The Method, by being able to read your dog will manifest itself within the dog. In the end the dog is gaining confidence through your leadership and will gain the mindset he/she has been asking for. 

Ready to gain even more confidence? You’ll now go through Phase II of the Method, and utilize the obstacle course to help give your dog confidence, and remove resistance. Your dog also learns to problem solve, and builds a greater bond between man and dog.



August 5th, 2023


9:00AM – 5:00 PM

  • Human and dog mindset
  • Reading dogs
  • Raising dogs and how to keep order
  • Handling on a lead
  • Dogs mental and physical commitment
  • Obstacle course
  • How to transfer obstacle course to the field, or house.